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Argento Orrori: Day 17 of 31 Days of Horror Movie Challenge

Day 17 of 31 Days of Horror Movie Challenge: Argento Orrori, we explore four films from the Italian horror master, Dario Argento.

Pushing Narrative Boundaries

Day 16, we explored three generations of witches in horror cinema with Witches of Time. Day 17 of 31 Horror Movie Challenge: Argento Orrori, we have another director-focused treat with the focus of the Italian horror maestro, Dario Argento. Aregnto’s legacy has shaped the genre in profound ways. Dive into the realm of Italian horror as we explore the impact of Argento’s visionary filmmaking, breaking down four iconic films: Deep Red, (1975), Opera (1987), Suspiria (1977), and Tenebrae (1982). 

Influence on Italian Horror

The Italian filmmaker is renowned for his distinctivly striking visual style and a penchant for pushing narrative boundaries. A key figure in the giallo genre, known for mystery, suspense, and stylized violence. Deep Red, a quintessential giallo masterpiece, serves as a template for what’s to come in Argento’s genius craft.  Italian horror owes much of its visual language to Argento. His films, characterized by vibrant colors and innovative camera work, showcase the potential for horror to explore a boundless realm of visual artistic execution.


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