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Cronenberg Chills: Day 1 of 31 Days of Horror Movie Challenge

Day 1 of Dizarranged's 31 Days of Horror Challenge, explores the works of David Cronenberg. The countdown To Halloween starts now!

Cronenberg Chills: Day 1 of 31 Days of Horror Movie Challenge Introduction:

The countdown to Halloween is here! Welcome to Dizarranged’s 31 Days of Horror Movie Challenge! Starting off with some Cronenberg chills, here’s Dizarranged’s Day 1 of 31 Days of Horror Movie Challenge for 2023!

About David Cronenberg:

Kicking off the Dizarranged 2023’s 31 Days of Horror Challenge with one of the most visionary, unique, and off-beat filmmakers, David Cronenberg. Known for his distinctive and often provocative approach to filmmaking, especially in the realm of body horror and psychological thrillers, Cronenberg has garnered notable acclaim with films such as 1975’s Shivers.

The filmmaker later achieved further success in his career in 1983’s The Dead Zone. His recreation of 1986’s The Fly (which we may delve into later this month), 1988’s Dead Ringers, unique innovations in films like 1991’s Naked Lunch, and the ironically collided nineties illustrious film 1996’s Crash showcase his diverse talents.

Cronenberg‘s career has flourished, expanding into films like 2005’s A History of Violence and venturing into the world of drama with 2007’s Eastern Promises. In the 2021 short film, The Death of David Cronenberg, he even confronts his own mortality. This man is simply a genius who has revolutionized the craft of Horror and originality, one film at a time.

Here comes the challenge!

Today’s challenge is exploring three infamous Cronenberg horror flicks: 1979’s The Brood, 1981’s Scanners, and 1983’s Videodrome


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